About us

We can provide solutions to many network requirements. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

About Our Company

N4networx Ltd was established in 2009 but traded for at least 10 years under a different company name, called Nezz Ltd. The company was re-branded from Nezz Ltd to N4networx Ltd when purchased by GSJS Developments in 2004.

Martin Cush, a service engineer & share holder for some years within Nezz Ltd and also with N4networx purchased the shares from GSJS developments.

Based in the City of Lisburn, Northern Ireland we have customers throughout the North and South of Ireland and the UK.  N4networx service philosophy is supported by our continued improvement in the way we operate and the total experience we deliver to our customers. As a company we are accredited to ISO 9001 standard.

N4’s Philosophy

Our underlying philosophy is to give the standard of service and quality of product we would appreciate receiving if we ourselves were the client.

N4’s Objective

Our objective is to continue the growth of our success by fostering the high standards of service and product we are setting in the industry. As part of our commitment we strive to be 'user friendly' by using language that is easy for our clients to understand and to respect our client's needs and budget.